Lake Effect and Alex Reveal Their BIG Plans For The Summer!

The Lake Effect team are hardly strangers to Blink FM. With the first edition of their show airing in August 2011, the team continues to change and evolve but one thing remains consistent. No it’s not Alex’s frequent off-air slapstick moments and no it’s not that they have a different team every year. It’s the fact that no matter how many figures they get, whether they be high or low, their series carries on regardless.

Lake Effect spills the details on what’s been on his playlist this week and the tracks he’s had on repeat!

Hey guys, Lake Effect here! I’ve got to say in recent weeks, I’ve really changed my listening habits dramatically and artists I used to be renowned for playing are slipping off of my Recently Played list. So in light of this, I’m the first of hopefully many Blink FM presenters who will be sharing their favourite tracks from their playlists.

Before the Pulse release their new cover video Still Into You

After the phenomenal success of their debut video, I See Fire, Before the Pulse released their new video to an eagerly awaiting audience. We can now clearly see that the band are really coming into their element with this new video.