Lake Effect takes time out of his busy schedule to talk Before the Pulse and his pet hates about the music industry.

Hey all,

Lake Effect here! Hope all of you are enjoying all the music that the unsigned artists I work with are spilling out lately. While I only officially represent Before the Pulse, I work closely with Rachel Lambert, Stephanie Heyworth, TW, Littlewing Annie and The Red Wires. All of them are busy either in the studio or getting ready to get in the studio. Song drafts are filling the waste paper baskets and live performances are coming in their batches.

There is one thing I have noticed in my short time in the industry. Time is something that nobody has. All my acts are attracting a whole load of attention and I’m always logging into my emails to find somebody wanting the details for one of the acts or trying to book them for a gig or a meeting. This is brilliant don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that the acts are attracting all this attention but seriously why does everything need to be done NOW?

Almost every email or meeting has something about needing the details today or needing that industry standard demo with band bio today. In all due respect to the industry people who are contacting us, firstly thank you but listen to what you’re saying! All of these acts are still in school and you couldn’t be asking for all this at a worse time. Exam season is about to hit the nation like a tidal wave and everyone involved is preparing for the storm. This includes musicians. They don’t have the time or money to be in the studio every night or have demos ready for dispatch when they only hit the scene two months ago.

Take Before the Pulse for example, they formed in early March and had a video out the same month. Within three weeks, I had my inboxes filling up with people wanting to get them on a stage or talk to them about a record deal and the band, quite rightly said – “Not yet.”

Some of you may now be saying, “well maybe they don’t want it bad enough.” Again, listen to what you’re saying. If you approach an act’s management, then clearly you saw potential in the act. Give them a few more weeks and they grow in their skills, or have more time to think of that killer hook or the guitar riff they’ve been trying to find. But instead of that, as it wasn’t done today, you’re no longer interested. The acts slow down at this time of year because their revision takes over. This is understandable. Yes, they want the record deal or the career shaping gig but if they don’t reply to you today, they’ve lost the chance. Which is why they lock themselves in their room for hour upon hour each day to revise for their exams. Why? Because now they feel that they need that fall back option. The industry turns it’s back on them because that reply wasn’t sent fast enough so now they need a career outside of music that will tide them over until the next opportunity.

So listen up labels, promoters and industry people. Give them the time and they will do it, rush them and they won’t be comfortable. Music is a process that can’t be rushed. You want the act, you have to let them realise their full potential first. Studio time is expensive for a lot of places and bands with busy schedules don’t have the time to all sit down and say “right the next video is out next week, go.”

So there we go guys, a guy with his foot in the door but not quite into the party’s view of how things are running. Make sure you check out all of the acts mentioned in this article and as always stay locked in to Blink FM – The Next Generation Station.

Lake Effect

This afternoon, Blink FM spoke to Dr Sheena Si, of Alevia Healthcare, about National Chiropractic Awareness Week and the clinic’s upcoming event Technology and Teens.  It aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good posture when using new technology such as tablets and games consoles.

Sheena explained how important it is to watch your posture for the sake of your future health in an interview with Lake Effect ahead of the event on Tuesday, which includes a series of fun workshops for all ages and a raffle in support of the local air ambulance.

Listen to the interview below and download the flyer for more information.

We’re pleased to have received the following report from Charlie Berry following the Brathay Challenge we told you about a few weeks ago:

On the 27th March 2014 the Cobham Brathay Team 2014 took part in and completed a community project at Lulworth Cottage in Bournemouth. The community project was accepted by Diverse Abilities Plus, a charitable company who help and support people with a wide range of disabilities, whether they be physical or learning, not just for a short period of time, but throughout their whole lives.

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Over the coming weeks, you can expect to see more video content and links with Twitter on the homepage of the website and you should notice that you can open full items without having to load a separate page.

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A team of local apprentices have sent us a message about a charity event they are taking part in this week.  Find more information below:


A team of 9 apprentices from Cobham PLC, an Aerospace and Defense firm based across the UK are participating in the apprentice Brathay Challenge to help raise money for their chosen charity, Help For Heroes. They have been visiting local schools and colleges across the country in an effort to raise the awareness of apprenticeships and also have undertaken various fundraising activities, such as a car wash and a raffle draw. On Thursday 13th March 2014, the 9 apprentices will be travelling to Dorset and camping overnight, and on Friday 14th March 2014 – Sunday 16th March 2014 they will be walking a total of 95 miles across the Jurassic Coast to raise money for charity. This is an extremely difficult challenge and both physically and mentally challenging. We are asking people to kindly donate via our Just Giving page, any amount that you can spare. Our target amount is £4000. Please ask friends and relatives to donate any amount and sponsor us.

On Saturday 22nd February, Bucks Cut Films, an annual film competition for young people, in which film makers produce adverts of two minutes maximum to persuade their friends not to smoke, launched for 2014 in High Wycombe.

Listen to Luke Hashman’s report below:

For more information, visit the Bucks Cut Films website.

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